Redalp and Enduro 

We see the different Enduro Championships as the perfect platform to promote the patented chain drive system. With 180mm rear wheel travel on many bikes the rear suspension needs to be blocked to climb in order to avoid squat. Manufacturers attempted to get this problem under control by developing high tech systems, and even electronic devices. On Redalp Bikes, the patented chain link ensures a continuous smooth running of the rear suspension. While climbing, the rear wheel follows the slightest unevenness and guarantees maximum grip. During the descent the rider benefits of the long swingarm and high pivot point which make this bike so fast!

What advantage vs a high pivot point bike with a gear box?

No other bike has such a long swing-arm. And the difference is how chain tension and squat is handled in the acceleration phase. The articulated idler pulley (Pro-Motion) eliminate squat while on a gear box bike, this force is not compensate. With Pro-Motion the rear suspension moves freely and the wheel sticks to the ground. This gives maximum grip. I addition a gear box may be more expensive and more heavy than a Pro-Motion chain guide.

Why such a high BB?

Actually with 36.2mm it is the same as other DH bikes. It locks only high because of the frame design.

What is the weight of this bike?

There is a great weight saving due to the straight frame design. Build up with high end components Redalp Bikes are lighter than most DH Bikes. The Replica Bike is a high end bike with only 16kg, the Cascadeur is even 1 kg more lighter.

Is redalp made in Switzerland?

Our bikes are designed and assembled in Switzerland. The frames are made in Taiwan.

Chain lenght more than 114 links?

Yes, the linkage system requires a longer chaine. Ask us for the right dimension and for extensions.

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